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Image for Application of Chess Theory

Application of Chess Theory

By: Geller, Yeffim

Price: $16.86

Publisher: Everyman Chess : 7/1/1984 12:00:01 AM

Seller ID: mon0000696844

ISBN-13: 9781857440676

Condition: Acceptable

Basic chess openings (Routledge chess handbooks ; book 4)

By: Edwards, Raymond

Price: $69.91

Publisher: Routledge and Kegan Paul : 1976T

Seller ID: mon0000749287

ISBN-13: 9780710082961

Condition: Good

Image for Beginner's Chess Course

Beginner's Chess Course

By: Heyken, Enno

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Sterling : 1997-12-31

Seller ID: mon0000373061

ISBN-13: 9780806999692

Condition: Acceptable

Benko counter-gambit (Batsford algebraic chess openings)

By: Levy, David N. L

Price: $9.46

Publisher: Batsford : 1978-01-01

Seller ID: mon0000419731

ISBN-13: 9780713410587

Condition: Acceptable

Image for Chess for Beginners: A Picture Guide Including Photographs and Diagrams for Self-Teaching

Chess for Beginners: A Picture Guide Including Photographs and Diagrams for Self-Teaching

By: Horowitz, Al

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Harper Perennial : 6/17/1992 12:00:01 A

Seller ID: mon0000616493

ISBN-13: 9780060922948

Condition: Good

Chess Kaleidoscope (Pergamon Russian Chess Series)

By: Gik, Y.,Karpov, A.

Price: $8.95

Publisher: Pergamon Pr : 1981-09-01

Seller ID: mon0000278970

ISBN-13: 9780080268965

Condition: Good

Chess Made Simple

By: Hanauer, Milton L.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Doubleday : 1960-06-01

Seller ID: mon0000560700

ISBN-13: 9780385012157

Condition: Good

Chess Panorama

By: Lombardy, William,Daniels, David

Price: $3.54

Publisher: Stein & Day Pub : 1977-06-01

Seller ID: mon0000519285

ISBN-13: 9780812823165

Condition: Acceptable

Chess Tactics and Attacking Techniques

By: Edwards, Raymond

Price: $3.90

Publisher: Routledge : 1978T

Seller ID: mon0000709658

ISBN-13: 9780710088215

Condition: Good

Complete Chessplayer

By: Reinfeld, Fred

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Prentice Hall Press : 1982-01-01

Seller ID: mon0000328928

ISBN-13: 9780131591295

Condition: Good

Danger in Chess (Cadogan Chess Books)

By: Avni, Amatzia

Price: $4.03

Publisher: Cadogan Books : 1994-04-01

Seller ID: mon0000323885

ISBN-13: 9781857440577

Condition: Good

Dictionary of Modern Chess

By: Horton,Byrne J

Price: $6.71

Publisher: The Citadel Press : 1972T

Seller ID: mon0000640697

ISBN-13: 9780806501734

Condition: Acceptable

Fischer vs. Spassky: World Chess Championship Match, 1972

By: Gligoric?, Svetozar

Price: $2.34

Publisher: Simon and Schuster : 1972T

Seller ID: mon0000707933

ISBN-13: 9780671213985

Condition: Good

Image for Improve Your Middlegame Play

Improve Your Middlegame Play

By: Kinsman, Andrew Dr

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Everyman Chess : 6/1/2000 12:00:01 AM

Seller ID: mon0000628133

ISBN-13: 9781857442410

Condition: Acceptable

Official rules of chess

By: World Chess Federation; Fide Permanent R

Price: $2.00

Publisher: McKay : 1975T

Seller ID: mon0000749389

ISBN-13: 9780679140399

Condition: Good

Image for Official Rules of Chess: Fourth Edition

Official Rules of Chess: Fourth Edition

By: U.S. Chess Federation

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Random House Puzzles & Games : 1994-01-18

Seller ID: mon0000456144

ISBN-13: 9780812922172

Condition: Good

Image for Play the Noteboom

Play the Noteboom

By: Van Der Werf, Mark,Van Der Vorm, Teun

Price: $24.22

Publisher: Cadogan Books : 1996T

Seller ID: mon0000616474

ISBN-13: 9781857441086

Condition: Good

The Battle of Chess Ideas

By: Saidy, Anthony

Price: $43.40

Publisher: RHM Press : 1975T

Seller ID: mon0000711870

ISBN-13: 9780890580189

Condition: Acceptable

The Fireside Book of Chess

By: Irving chernev/fred reinf

Price: $8.82

Publisher: Simon & Schuster : 1949-01-01

Seller ID: mon0000626348

ISBN-13: 9780671258009

Condition: Acceptable

The Games of Robert J. Fischer

By: Arthur Bisguier

Price: $10.45

Publisher: Rowman Littlefield : 1981-05-08

Seller ID: mon0000163442

ISBN-13: 9780713420999

Condition: Good