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Accounting and Finance for Insurance Professionals

By: Marshall, David H.

Price: $39.03

Publisher: Amer Inst for Chartered : 2002T

Seller ID: mon0000705438

ISBN-13: 9780894630972

Condition: Acceptable

Anointed for Burial

By: Burke, Todd

Price: $44.92

Publisher: Frontline Communications : 1989-06-01

Seller ID: mon0000763392

ISBN-13: 9780961553463

Condition: Acceptable

Casualty claim practice (The Irwin series in insurance and economic security)

By: Donaldson, James H

Price: $2.00

Publisher: R.D. Irwin : 1984-01-01

Seller ID: mon0002899778

ISBN-13: 9780256028225

Condition: Good

Commercial insurance

By: Webb, Bernard L

Price: $3.13

Publisher: Insurance Institute of America : 1987-01-01

Seller ID: mon0000206810

ISBN-13: 9780894620362

Condition: Good

Death Benefit: A Lawyer Uncovers a 20-year Pattern of Seduction, Arson and Murder

By: Heilbroner, David

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Harmony : 2/9/1993 12:00:01 AM

Seller ID: mon0000656109

ISBN-13: 9780517582848

Condition: Good

Image for Dictionary of Insurance Terms (Barron's Business Guides)

Dictionary of Insurance Terms (Barron's Business Guides)

By: Harvey W. Rubin

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Inc : 2000-10-19

Seller ID: mon0002851755

ISBN-13: 9780764112621

Condition: Good



Price: $4.90

Publisher: Silver Lake Publishing : 2/25/2015 12:00:01 A

Seller ID: mon0000570167

ISBN-13: 9781563437441

Condition: Good

Image for Getting Started in Annuities

Getting Started in Annuities

By: Williamson, Gordon K.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Wiley : 1998-10-30

Seller ID: mon0000320283

ISBN-13: 9780471283034

Condition: Acceptable

Glossary of Insurance Terms

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Silver Lake : 1996-01-01

Seller ID: mon0002098996

ISBN-13: 9781563431548

Condition: Good

Group Insurance

By: Bluhm, William

Price: $7.94

Publisher: Actex Publications : 2000-01-01

Seller ID: mon0000447765

ISBN-13: 9781566984485

Condition: Good

Insurance operations

By: Webb, Bernard L

Price: $3.72

Publisher: American Institute for Chartered : 1997-01-01

Seller ID: mon0002211980

ISBN-13: 9780894630774

Condition: Good

Life Insurance Cha

By: Van caspel

Price: $72.99

Publisher: Simon & Schuster : 1982-04-28

Seller ID: mon0000333890

ISBN-13: 9780835940221

Condition: Good

Life insurance: Theory and practice

By: Mehr, Robert Irwin

Price: $26.45

Publisher: Business Publications : 1977-01-01

Seller ID: mon0001999304

ISBN-13: 9780256019384

Condition: Good

Image for Loss Models: From Data to Decisions, Second Edition

Loss Models: From Data to Decisions, Second Edition

By: Klugman, Stuart A.,Panjer, Harry H.,Willmot, Gordon E.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience : 8/24/2004 12:00:01 A

Seller ID: mon0000656076

ISBN-13: 9780471215776

Condition: Good

Multiple-Lines Insurance Production

By: Turner, Richard D.

Price: $12.94

Publisher: Insurance Inst of Amer : 1986-12-01

Seller ID: mon0002786413

ISBN-13: 9780894620287

Condition: Good

Image for Patient Power: The Free-Enterprise Alternative to Clinton's Health Plan

Patient Power: The Free-Enterprise Alternative to Clinton's Health Plan

By: Gerald L. Musgrave,John C. Goodman

Price: $2.92

Publisher: Cato Institute : 1993-12-30

Seller ID: mon0002081337

ISBN-13: 9781882577101

Condition: Good

Personal Insurance: Property & Liability

By: American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters,Malecki, Donald S.,Hamilton, Karen L.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Amer Inst for Chartered : 1994-07-01

Seller ID: mon0002212413

ISBN-13: 9780894630675

Condition: Acceptable

Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales: How to Master the Value Added Approach to Consultative Sales (P M A Book Series)

By: Garry Kinder,Jack Kinder Jr.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Dodd Mead : 1988-08-01

Seller ID: mon0000374330

ISBN-13: 9780396093299

Condition: Acceptable

Image for The New Health Insurance Solution: How to Get Cheaper, Better Coverage Without a Traditional Employer Plan

The New Health Insurance Solution: How to Get Cheaper, Better Coverage Without a Traditional Employer Plan

By: Pilzer, Paul Zane

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Wiley : 2005-09-08

Seller ID: mon0001949831

ISBN-13: 9780471747154

Condition: Good

When Caring Isn't Enough...Meeting the Need for Long-Term Care

By: Network, The National LTC,Feldman, Samuel Larry

Price: $20.91

Publisher: Bruce Holmes : 2000-09-30

Seller ID: mon0000451086

ISBN-13: 9781891042119

Condition: Good